Make Billions of isk every single Day while you Sleep.

Abyss Bot is a 4 in 1 automation program that can play Eve Online while you are at work, school, playing outside or just taking a nap and generate billions of isk per day. It's the latest Eve Online Bot on the market.
Version 1.055 available now. Try it for free.

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Eve Online Bot
Modern Strategy

Abyss Bot uses multiple strategies to defeat random spawns in the Abyss, including the so called "death" rooms

Eve Online Bot
Cutting Edge

Undetectable and responsive, it's the only bot of it's kind that can do all tiers of Abyss, and survive.

Eve Online Bot
Unlimited ISK

You can upgrade your Alpha account to Omega in no time with in game ISK, or use PLEX to skill inject your character

Eve Online Bot

The Abyss Bot is 4 bots in 1

The Abyss Bot comes with a little extra, not only can it run abyss sites hours on end, it can mine, haul, and jump gate travel so you dont have to. And since the Abyss Bot is being actively developed, new features and new bots are in development. It's the newest eve online bot on the market

Try the Abyss Bot for free

The Abyss Bot has a 3 hour free trial. You can even test the bot on the Singularity server if you're skeptical on the bots abilities. If you are happy with the trial period, you can purchase abyss tokens to continue using the bot. With tiered pricing, It's the most affordable eve online bot that exists.

Eve Online Bot Trial

The Eve Online Bots

The 4 in 1 Abyss Bot can generate different levels of income depending on which one you choose. You can choose from a Mining Bot, Hauler Bot, Travel/Jump Bot, or Abyss Bot. Below are the maximum amounts from a maxed skill character. Income generation is highly dependent on skills and market factors inside the game.

What do they say?

Here are some testimonials from a few people off our forum

"This bot is really impressive, nothing like I have tried before. The way it's programmed is crazy good"


Space Cadet

"I have used similar bots before. But your bot is undoubtedly the best of what I have tried"



"I have only ran the bot a couple times so far to test it's performance and I must say overall I'm really impressed"


Space Cadet

Purchase Options

Game tokens are required to play, click any of the buy now
buttons to be taken to the token purchase page.
New accounts get their first 2 hours free.

Abyss Starter

$ 2.99
  • 200 Abyss Tokens
  • (1 Token = 1 Hour)

Abyss Premium

$ 4.99
  • 400 Abyss Tokens
  • (1 Token = 1 Hour)

Abyss Advanced

$ 13.99
  • 1200 Abyss Tokens
  • (1 Token = 1 Hour)
99.87 Survivability Rating
13.6 Average Abyss Run
3735 Abyss Sites Ran
84.8 Billions of ISK made

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about our Eve Online Bot, the Abyss Bot, check out the FAQ below or you can select one of the other forum links

Abyss Bot 1.055 released!

Version 1.055 has been released and can be downloaded now, please read the changelog to read about what has changed.
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Read the FAQ

Frequently asked questions, click below to see the most common questions and answers. Or you can post a question in the forums
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Install & Setup

There's some minor prep work involved in getting the Abyss Bot working. Please read the install and setup instructions before trying to run the bot.
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Download and Install

Download the most recent version of Abyss Bot below.
Make sure you already have an Abyss Bot account registered. If you don't have an Abyss Bot account, you can register here

Latest Version: 1.055

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
CPU: Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 760 or equivalent
Monitor Minimum resolution: 1024x768;

Download Abyss Bot 1.055