Initial Abyss Bot Setup, Part 2

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Initial Abyss Bot Setup, Part 2

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Warning: If you skip any of these steps, the bot will probably not work correctly.

Now we need to setup our menus in space.

12 Steps (Est. Time 6 mins)

  1. Undock your ship.
  2. Reset your neocon to default size (its the vertical menu on the left with all the icons, right click it and click reset buttons, make sure the neocon is not locked)
  3. On the Overview, Click Overview Settings, Click Misc Tab.
  4. Click Reset Overview to Default settings.
  5. You have 2 options, Import Overview.yaml Or skip and setup manually.
  6. Download exported overview settings and import or manually setup your overview tabs:
    (14.28 KiB) Downloaded 2152 times
    overview.yaml needs to downloaded into "documents/EVE/Overview/" and the Eve client should be able to import it under the Misc tab
  7. IF you don't want to import the Overview.yaml file, you will have to manually edit all 4 tabs to show the exact item per tab.
    • Tab Setup (bot expects 4 tabs and first tab MUST be named -> "General"):
    • General: Abyss Hostile/Mission NPCS and Player ships only, no other items. The bot will target and kill everything in this list.
      If using fleet mode: enable Celestials -> Abyssal Trace in the General/Combat tab
    • Mining: Hostile/Mission NPCS and asteroids only. No belts, no celestial objects, no players. Asteroids and Rats only.
    • Warpto: Stargates and stations only, nothing else. If you need player structure to warp to, you can leave this in.
    • Loot: Loot (and loot wrecks) only, nothing else.
  8. Final version should end up looking this like:

    mockup_space.png (33.81 KiB) Viewed 9451 times

    Make sure Overview and Select And Drone windows are LESS THAN 25% of your screen or they wont be detected!

    mockup_space_too_wide.png (46.19 KiB) Viewed 16075 times

  9. Top left corner, hide all of the info helpers except for the sun/star system info helper:

    info_mockup.PNG (9.99 KiB) Viewed 16125 times

  10. Click Hud Options, and Set the following: "Display passive modules" is checked, "Display Sensor Overlay" is checked, "show module tooltips" is un-checked

    Hud_options.PNG (12.31 KiB) Viewed 16132 times

  11. Sizing the select window/panel correctly (the select window/panel is the one that goes above the overview):
    • This is probably the most difficult thing to setup, it has to be the correct size or the bot wont work.
    • If the select panel is too small horizontally, the icons will shrink and the bot will not work (approach, orbit, lock target etc etc)
    • If the select panel is too tall vertically, the icon portrait will be too big and be the wrong size and the bot will not work.
    • if the select panel is too short vertically, the icon portrait will vanish and the bot will not work
    • Easiest way to size this correctly is to do this in space, and select the station that you undocked from and then snap the overview to it
    select_window.png (65.33 KiB) Viewed 9448 times

  12. FINAL STEP: Drone window/panel (IF using drones)-> Disable the drone icons by clicking the 3 dots in the drone window and change View Mode to List

Double Check Checklist:
  • The very first tab of the overview is named -> General
  • Overview width matches the select window width, and that both are not too wide nor too small. The ideal situtation is the overview takes up as much vertical space as possible while the drones and select window are at the correct sizes.
  • Inventory window is left side of screen and is 4 icon width, 1 icon height (little higher is ok) and the search input box is visible for fast inventory searches.
  • "Display Passive Modules" is checked, "Display Sensor Overlay" is checked, "show module tooltips" is un-checked.
  • Top left corner, route is disabled as well as the search field. Only thing that shows is the Sun/Star solar system info, but its collapsed (this is important)
  • There are 2 drone groups, collapsed. This is so the bot can alternate launching drones when one group takes too much damage. Drone groups supported is between 1 and 5 groups. 1 will work but you might lose drones.
  • Drone groups that are launched must be expanded so the bot can read individual health of the drones. (Docked drone groups = Collapsed, Launched drone groups = Expanded) (pics in the Abyss Bot how to sections for examples)
  • Drones have icons enabled by default and take up too much screen space, make sure you click the 3 dots in the drone window and change View Mode to List
  • Passive modules must be visible, and must be in their correct grouping (High modules in the high rack, Mid modules in the mid rack, Low modules in the low rack)
  • !! Active modules must be before passive modules in their respective row !!
  • Hint - Group your high slot modules, this makes the bot more efficient (less clicking)

And that is it for general setup. Please go to -> Part 3

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